EAI Launches Concrete Cutting & Coring Division



Core drilling is one of the only ways to drill through re-enforced concrete. Using diamond segmented core bits, we can drill holes in concrete of almost any size and depth. Our core drilling service is most commonly used by plumbing, mechanical, and electrical contractors when penetrations through concrete floors and walls are needed to run pipe or duct work.



Sometimes referred to as track sawing, wall sawing produces a straight clean cut using a diamond blade on a track mounted system which is anchored to the wall. Our wall saws are remote control operated and capable of cutting concrete up to 24” thick. We also employ the use of finishing tools, such as chain saws, when cutting door and window openings to prevent over cuts in the corners.




Flat sawing is used to cut trenches and relief cuts in concrete slabs as well as on bridge and highway projects. We have several different flat saws in our fleet to fit your needs. For outdoor projects, we utilize our diesel flat saws which are the most powerful and deepest cutting. Our electric flat saws are ideal on indoor projects where diesel emission isn’t allowed. No matter what your project requires we have a saw to fit your needs.



We offer hand sawing in areas where our larger equipment won’t fit or isn’t economical to use. We have both hydraulic and electric hand saws in our fleet that include chop saws, ring saws and chain saws.



Wire sawing is a method of cutting concrete with diamond wire stretched through a system of pulleys. We offer wire sawing on projects where the concrete is to thick or oddly shaped to allow for wall sawing. With wire sawing, there is no limit to the depth of concrete we can cut.