EAI receives AGC Award for Demolition Project of the Year

The Harriet Tubman Homes Demolition Project in Chattanooga, Tennessee; was a very unique project – not necessarily with regard to the demolition and mitigation means and methods, but with the implementation of ancillary project tasks in carrying out the demolition/mitigation at the project site.  Environmental Abatement, Inc. (EAI) was selected as the General Contractor to implement the demolition/mitigation of the former Housing Authority (75 buildings, > 600,000 SF across 46 acres) by the City of Chattanooga.  The uniqueness to the project focused on a few key areas; a commitment to utilize local labor from the specific zip code of the project locale, an emphasis on re-purposing, re-use and diversion of non-contaminated building materials and site features from the landfill (>85% - with penalties financially for non-achievement) and a strict adherence to non-discharge of sediment run-off to the local streams/outfalls across the property – thus demanding increased erosion control measures across the 46 acres.

EAI was successful in implementing these unique factors with the City, the Mayor’s Office and Office of Multi-Cultural Affairs – up to 23 local employees participated on re-purposing of brick – over 250 tractor trailer loads, >97 % diversion of non-contaminated site materials/features were re-purposed, scrapped or salvaged (28,000+ tons) and the complete site was enveloped in over 2.5 miles of erosion control Filtrexx Soxx with final site completion of Hydroseeding/stabilization.  The demolition/mitigation scope of work performed by EAI, was the 1st step in re-development of the underutilized, blighted property from the Avondale & Glass Street Districts of Chattanooga – providing a blank canvas for the Economic Development Community to attract new construction/development in to the local business districts – thus bringing jobs that had been lost over the previous 2-3 decades.  EAI is appreciative that we could assist the City of Chattanooga and the Avondale & Glass Street Districts with this important first step.

See award video here.