Cordell Hull - Nashville, TN

  • Removal of exterior granite from the outside of Central Services - prior to Structural Demolition;
  • Slot Trenching/Pot-holing and subsequent utility survey prior to installation of Soil Anchors in the 6th Avenue North & 5th Avenue North foundation walls (Central Services);
  • Soil Anchor installation and permeation grouting for three floors of foundation wall at 6th Avenue North & 1 elevation of 5th Avenue North (Central Services);
  • Structural building separation and demolition/dismantling of the Central Services Building located immediately adjacent to the Cordell Hull Building (north end) & the John Sevier Building (South end).  Continuous dust suppression during demolition and loading via a 80 HP oscillating water cannon/mister;
  • Asbestos Abatement of approximately 285,000 SF of VCT and associated mastic from the 11-story Cordell Hull Building;
  • Asbestos Abatement of thermal system insulation & piping – various locations throughout the buildings;
  • Removal and disposal of fluorescent light bulbs and ballasts for mercury and PCB respectively;
  • Removal of asbestos containing window caulking/exterior from approximately 1,000 windows;
  • Interior demolition of architectural finishes throughout the Cordell Hull Building (outside the building/floor cores) along with the associated MPE systems across these same floors; and
  • Separation of waste streams for recycling/re-purposing during demolition activities to achieve greater than 75% re-use.

All work is expected to be completed for these phases in approximately four months.