Cordell Hull Update

Since contracting with Skanska for Phase I, EAI has subsequently received the next two series of demolition/abatement packages; Package 3 & 5.  Provided are some of the key aspects of the project which EAI has participated:

  Soil nailing/anchoring of the Western Wall – three stories for stabilization and to assist for new tunneling from Cordell Hull;
  Selective interior structural demolition of flooring/decking/columns and beams for new chambers/stairways;
  Comprehensive removal of interior MPE systems and equipment (over 30 AHU’s) throughout the Cordell Hull Building;
  New elevator shaft opening – 12 stories and vertical extension of two elevator banks – over existing shaft;
  Exterior removal of 5 main entries to Cordell Hull & re-purposing of the granite;
  Interior removal/salvage of marble walls and window sills for re-use in the new renovated space;
  Asbestos abatement of flooring/mastics throughout the entire Cordell Hull Building – greater than 200,000 SF;
  Asbestos abatement of thermal system piping from bathroom chases and hidden perimeter chases throughout the 12 story structure;
  Asbestos and PCB mitigation of caulking around 900+ windows marble panel from the exterior of the structure – via swing stages; and
  Removal of vertical rainwater leaders throughout the building for new system installation.

Project completed over 10-11 month.