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Structural Demolition

EAI is a structural and interior demolition company. We are licensed, offer competitive pricing, and professional service.

EAI is an award-winning demolition company that has been involved in large-scale projects across the southeast for over 35 years. EAI’s experienced employee base and comprehensive resources provide our clients with safe, efficient, and cost-effective services.

Structural demolition requires the right team, the right experience, and the right equipment. EAI provides all three. To see a few of our past jobs, check out our projects page. You’ll see the unique challenges that came with each project, and you’ll learn how our team adapted to make sure the job was completed safely, on time and on budget.


Total Building Demolition

EAI’s Demolition crews can safely perform comprehensive structural demolition of entire buildings for our clients. Our capabilities include not only low-rise to one & two story structures; but multi-story structures with complexity that may even require separation from adjacent buildings prior to demolition. EAI has the capability to perform the required work using traditional demolition techniques or those that may require specialized attachments 

EAI has successfully achieved re-purposing/re-use goals and objectives for waste diversion/LEED’s in excess of 92% by weight. In summary, EAI has the diversity in equipment and personnel to implement the appropriate methodology for our clients needs during total structural building demolition.

Selective Structural Demolition

When selective demolition services are required; it is not uncommon for these projects to be tedious in nature; with many of the projects requiring structural support in order to perform the selective demolition. EAI has a specialized group of demolition personnel that have tackled many of these unique and highly sensitive projects. Projects have included elevator and escalator removal in functioning buildings, removal of isolated sections of slab floors/columns/beams (steel & concrete) while keeping other areas operational and removal of multi=story interior stairwells/shaft walls. Every project is unique in its means and methodologies when selective demolition is required. It takes dedication of time, focus on safety, and engineering review to address the approach and many times the incorporation of a structural engineer to insure structural integrity of the building is not compromised.

While Health & Safety of our personnel and community is paramount in our industry; selective demolition projects typically elevate our attention to detail regarding safety for both EAI personnel and those working nearby.

Interior Structural Demolition

EAI’s demolition personnel have worked on a wide variety of interior demolition projects.  From those requiring only the removal of architectural finishes to those of a comprehensive nature that require architectural, mechanical, plumbing, electrical and structural components being removed. With all interior demolition projects the key is a well prepared plan on how you will approach the project. Dust and logistics are integral within these types of projects.

EAI has assisted on many high-profile comprehensive interior demolition projects across the Southeast. However straightforward or complex our clients interior project needs may be – again EAI has the personnel and equipment to tackle the work.